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Our philosophy towards the after school sports program is to serve as many students as possible. As such, athletics at Kingsbury are inclusive - everyone makes the team. Everyone who comes out for a team gets a uniform and a position on that team. In recent years, approximately 90% of all fifth through eighth grade students have played at least one after school sport.

It is the player's responsibility to come to practices and games. Playing time for games is determined partly by how the individual handles his/her responsibility to the team and partly by ability. All athletes are expected to abide by team rules and to represent the school in a positive manner.

Travel Sports

The travel sports at Kingsbury are:

  • Fall - Co-ed Soccer
  • Fall - Girls Volleyball
  • Winter - Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball
  • Spring - Club Lacrosse for Boys & Girls

There are approximately ten games played per sport per season. When there is more than one team per sport, typically fifth and sixth graders make up our elementary team with seventh and eighth graders making up our middle school team.

Our Competitors

Kingsbury's athletic opponents are:

  • Imlay City Christian
  • Cedar Crest
  • Chatfield
  • Eagle Creek
  • Eton
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Paul

Attending Games

We welcome you to attend a game and cheer for our Kingsbury teams in either our fantastic Justin A. Schwartz Center or on the Moceri Brothers Athletic Field.