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Choosing A Charter School

Why would you choose to have your children attend a charter school?

The reasons include individual attention, small class sizes, teacher excellence, and high academic standards. The main motive for families looking into charter schools can be summarized in one word: Quality. They want, quite simply, the best for their sons and daughters.

Kingsbury Lower School

Your decision to consider a charter school is just the beginning. You must choose the right school for your student. While all charter schools set high standards and emphasize values, they are wonderfully distinct from each other.

Before You Visit Schools

Do your homework before visiting schools. Read about the schools you'll be visiting. Make note of any questions that arise about student performance, resources or teacher background. Talk to other parents who have children in charter schools.

Once you know what you are looking for in a charter school, schedule an appointment with the Admission Director for a tour. Observe the environment around you while you are touring the campus. Ask to meet the Head of School and a few teachers while you are there.

Questions To Ask

  • Does this school have a mission statement or a particular philosophy?
  • What is this school’s approach to discipline and safety?
  • How does this school encourage and monitor students’ progress toward meeting grade level standards
  • What kinds of library resources are available to students?
  • How is technology used to support teaching and learning?
  • How do the arts fit into the curriculum? (drama, art classes, music)
  • Does this school have busing?
  • Does this school teach a second language?
  • When students graduate in 8th grade, where do they attend high school?
  • What is the class size?
  • Does this school have an environmental program?
  • Are you allowed to visit a class while teaching is in progress?
  • Does this school encourage parent involvement?
  • What are the backgrounds, longevity and experiences of the faculty?
  • Does this school provide the faculty with opportunities for continuing professional development?
  • Are the faculty involved in the decision-making and curriculum development?
  • Does this school feel like a community?
  • Are the children involved in community service projects?

Things To Look For At The School

  • Do the classrooms look cheerful?
  • Is student artwork displayed in the rooms and hallways?
  • Do the teachers seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable?
  • Do the students appear to be engaged in the learning process?
  • Do the children you meet look you in the eye when they greet you?
  • Are the facilities well maintained?

Your Decision

While there are no definitive rules to ensure that you have the best match, the best rule to abide by is: Follow your heart.

Enrollment Questions?

Please visit the contact us page or call (248) 628-2571 to inquire about the Enrollment process. Thank you.