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Kingsbury - The First Fifty Years

Kingsbury - The First Fifty Years

Take a walk down memory lane in this book all about Kingsbury ... from the very beginning. Written by Ben Carr Blake and published by Erin Howarth Bardsley '84, this book is filled with pictures and comments from those we remember during our years at Kingsbury โ€“ no matter what decade we were involved.

Call the school at (248) 628-2571 or e-mail alum @ kingsburyschool.org to order yours today. $22 shipped, $20 if you stop by to visit and pick one up.

Friendships made at Kingsbury last a lifetime. The alumni program is an informal way for alumni of all ages to stay connected with Kingsbury and eachother.

Many of our alums have now chosen Kingsbury for their own children. Families leave here remembering and valuing their experience, so many of our "alum mums and dads" stay as close or even closer to Kingsbury than their children who actually attended Kingsbury.

It's that feeling of always being family that makes a child a Kingsbury Kid forever.

Keeping in Touch

As always, stop by the campus or contact us by e-mail โ€“ we care about our alumni!!!

Also, check back here soon as we'll be posting a form for you to add yourself to the alumni mailing list!

Country Fair

Each year, alums gather to renew friendships. Mark your calendar now for the first Sunday in June!

Alumni Association

We're beginning to get organized. Please help! Let's plan some gatherings! Let Francie Diebboll know if you can give a little time.