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Personal Social & Physical Education

Kingsbury's climbing wall
Kingsbury's very own climbing wall!

Kingsbury's physical education curriculum provides children the opportunity to show expression, creativity, and ingenuity through human movement and problem solving techniques. Students are encouraged to seek individual success but also learn to function as a team member.

Students meet twice a week for Physical Education class.

The physical education curriculum is a part of the total education program that contributes to the development of the student's physical, mental, emotional, and social capabilities. Since physical education is the only subject in the curriculum which is solely responsible for the child's physical development, its greatest contribution and concentration should be in this area.

Our primary goal is to help each child develop proficiency in movement skills through a wide variety of activities. The emphasis is not on an extremely high level of any skill, but upon efficient performance of many skills. Physical education is more than exercise or movement alone. The many and varied activities are tools through which a child learns about himself. The child learns how to control the body, how to adapt to external forces, and how to maintain equilibrium and a state of well-being.

The PSPE curriculum also includes our all school ski experiences at Mt. Holly.  See this page for more details about the ski program.