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Kingsbury is a school devoted to personalized education: addressing children as individuals with their own potentials, interests and needs and helping them realize and reach their maximum potential in a safe and secure learning environment. Highest values, ethics and character education are a way of life at Kingsbury. Learning tasks and opportunities excite and challenge, encourage creative and discerning thinking while fostering organizational skills and clarity of written and spoken thought.

Kingsbury Kids learn early on to be as tolerant of weaknesses as they are appreciative of talents. Kingsbury promotes an atmosphere of intellectual discipline, intra-class companionship, openness, honesty and kindness. Our students applaud high grades, extracurricular achievement, community involvement and look forward to coming to school.

Kingsbury instills students with a sense of personal integrity and responsibility towards themselves, others and the environment. At Kingsbury, it's okay to take risks, to be creative and to stand up for what's right.

Kingsbury Kids have the courage to aim high, to face their particular challenges resolutely, and to engage in responsibility for the earth, their world and each other.

Kingsbury is a loving community where students, parents, teachers and friends are involved both in day-to-day activities and in planning for Kingsbury's future. Being a part of the Kingsbury community is truly being a part of a loving, forgiving child-centered family.