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Middle School (5-8)

At Kingsbury, extensive training in research, writing and presentation skills equips each child with the essential "competitive edge" for advanced academic pursuits.

Building Roller Coasters
Building rollercoasters

Emphasis is placed on building strong vocabulary and language abilities. To help achieve that goal, eight periods of English are offered each week. In addition, the Junior Great Books program for middle school presents a very challenging selection of important works for reading and discussion. Many of these books are traditionally found in high school, rather than middle school, curriculums.

The Mathematics program becomes more specialized in middle school, with many students moving on to algebra and introductory concepts in geometry. The Science curriculum includes special studies such as landfills, water purity and ecology. These unique units of study demonstrate the interrelationships between different disciplines, including math, science, environmental studies, social studies and even move into writing, presentation, and speech.