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Extended Science Program

In The Field
Girls with a Salamander

Our nationally–acclaimed environmental science program is a unique highlight at Kingsbury Country Day School. The 100-acre campus offers a variety of "natural classrooms" where wildlife and plantlife help learning "come to life" every day.

Biology, Botany, Geology, Physics, Ecology, and Entymology are easy concepts for Kingsbury Kids as their knowledge in these areas comes easily and progressively - it becomes as easy as walking through the woods, netting newts in the pond, identifying flora and fauna in the wild, and bringing it all back to the classroom to explore the "whys" and "hows."

As Kingsbury Kids grow in their knowledge of their environment, topics increase in complexity and concepts: Exploring; Senses; Individual Organisms; Life Cycles; Populations; Physical Environment; Communities; Ecosystems; Integration with Life and Physical Sciences. Environmental studies are frequently integrated into special sections or projects in Language Arts and Mathematics as well as Science, Social Science, Art and Music.