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Elementary School (K-4)

Elementary School at Kingsbury is divided into two sections: Lower and Upper Elementary.

Lower Elementary

At Kingsbury, the Lower Elementary group consists of grades Kindergarten โ€“ 2nd grade. Reading and Mathematics fundamentals are often taught in shared experiences so that individual strengths can be encouraged. Reading is literature-based using guided reading and leveled books.

Hats off to reading
Hats off to reading!

The concept of class books and journals begins in Kindergarten. Imaginative and factual writing is taught throughout the three grades in Lower Elementary. Mathematics moves from beginning matching and counting to simple story problems, calculator use, beginning multiplication and problem solving strategies. Visual Art, Performing Art, Spanish, Technology, and Environmental Studies meet during the week but are also integrated into the day-to-day curriculum for all three grades.

Environmental studies usually takes the students out into the woods, waters, and fields of Kingsbury to experience hands-on nature studies. Kingsbury Kids in these grades enjoy an especially nurturing, caring environment where kindness and interdependence are reinforced frequently. Parental involvement is very high in grades K โ€“ 2, with "secret readers," special events and day to day activities all generously enhanced by parents, grandparents and special friends.

Upper Elementary

Students in grades 3 โ€“ 4 have their classrooms in close proximity and do a number of activities together so that there is a genuine feeling of the Upper Elementary children being a team. Kingsbury's literature-based reading curriculum continues to emphasize comprehension and confidence in reading skills. Literature Studies continue with book projects, writer's notebooks, oral reporting and formal speeches becoming integrated in the activities. Vocabulary and spelling work helps to build their word power.

In mathematics, multiplication and division begin in grade three. Fractions, measurement and the use of graphing and spreadsheets come into the picture in Upper Elementary.

Students in this group begin to excel in their knowledge of the world around them. Social Studies, Science and Environmental Studies are in-depth and challenging.