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Bird watching
Bird watching from the library

Kingsbury Country Day School's curriculum was developed by the faculty and designed to reflect our philosophy, which is dedicated to teaching children as individuals with their own potentials, interests and needs. The school is committed to balancing the best of the past with the dynamic vision of a twenty-first century global education.

From Kindergarten throughout the eighth grade, students at Kingsbury Country Day School are actively engaged in a curricular framework that embraces student inquiry and activity-based learning. Communication arts, science, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, environmental science, visual art, the performance arts and physical education serve as the foundation of the Kingsbury experience. Because the Kingsbury campus consists of 100 acres of meadows, wetlands and woods, it provides the perfect setting for the Environmental Studies Program (ESP) - one of Michigan's oldest and most established programs of its kind.

In addition, students in grades five through eight participate in a weekly ASK (Adolescent Survival Kit) class, which guides our older students in establishing strategies for positive risk-taking, better decision-making, leadership and conflict resolution.

National Standards of Instruction

At the core of curriculum is the Common Core national standards of instruction, and other standards as developed by such professional associations as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Council of Teachers of English, National Science Teachers Association, National Council for the Social Studies, and American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. These guidelines set high standards for student achievement and establish essential skills for the twenty-first century. When used as a framework for curriculum, the national standards (together with the state standards) provide ample room for the innovation and creativity essential to teaching and learning. Authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the Primary Years Programme, Kingsbury Country Day School takes seriously its responsibility to provide an educational experience founded on brain research and best practices.

Just as important as what a child learns is how they learn. The learning community at Kingsbury recognizes that the current and future success of our students depends directly on how broadly and deeply they reach a new level of twenty-first century literacy that includes strong academic skills, thinking, reasoning, collaborative skills, and proficiency in using technology. Developing this literacy requires the direct engagement of our students in their learning; continued exposure to, and an enhanced understanding of, contemporary technological tools; and an approach to problem-solving where the true assessment of success is in the process rather than the solution. In addition, differentiated learning encourages teachers to identify the unique learning styles, strengths and challenges of each student, and allow them to tailor both instruction and assessment to the individual student.

Please contact the Head of School for specific grade level or subject area curricula.