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Read testimonials from Kingsbury parents and other members of our great community about their children's experiences at Kingsbury Country Day School!


"Before enrolling our son at Kingsbury, we never considered that someday we would help our kids send their kids to school…but now we would. It's such a kind place. They build both character and academic strength. The diversity of the teachers is what I like the most. The saying "it takes a village..." really is the essence of the community atmosphere. It's a great mix.

My oldest son, who is a freshman in high school, told me that he wishes we had figured out that Kingsbury was an option when he was younger."

» Teresa Stanisci, mother of Tim (recent graduate)



"When I was in high school, I knew a girl who went to Kingsbury. I was so envious of her knowledge, and how far ahead of the curve she was. I send my children to Kingsbury because I want to make sure they have a great foundation. When our kids get older, they will be competing globally, not just locally. This school doesn’t just offer an education; they build confidence.

Plus, it's nice to walk into a school every day where people smile, say hello, and kids hold the door open for you. The whole school is a big support system. Dora and Athen feel safe here."

» Leslie Aretakis, mother of Dora (kindergarten) and Athan (3rd grade)



"Jen Wrobel was the best teacher on the face of the earth for David to have this year. She even gave us her cell phone number in case we needed her over the weekend. The staff is wonderful. In fact, headmaster Tom Mecsey is a hero in my book. He's so empathetic. He doesn't just oversee. I believe he has the best interest of the students every step of the way.

Our children were in a public school before we came to Kingsbury. They went from hating school to not wanting to miss a day. They have developed a sense of security and acceptance that penetrates their whole being – the ideal situation for learning and growing. In fact, upon her recent graduation from Kingsbury, my daughter scored so high on her high school entrance exam, that the admissions office called us to congratulate us personally."

» Caroline Lawrie, mother of David (7th grade) and Emily (recent graduate)